‘Ask Ali’ for Training Coaching Tips and Advice

chablis3Send me your questions at the bottom of this post and I will provide you with some tips and advice on improving and developing your training, whether you are competing or just having fun at home.

Here are some of my top tips to get you started: 

1. Never enter the yard and say, “I have one hour to ride and then I have to get home.” Always arrive with a plan, never a timetable.

2. If a horse had too much bend in his neck during the shoulder-in, try this correction: As you come around the corner, let him think he is going onto the diagonal but ask him to do shoulder-in down the long side instead. First try it on the track and use the wall. Next try it on the second track.

3. To improve, ask yourself, “What am I doing in my body?” You have to have control over your own body to ride well.

4. The more you step into your inside stirrup, the more you are in the horse’s center of gravity.

5. To make a horse’s trot longer and bigger, drive forward into a more constant connection. This will make the horse looser.

6. With foundation work, you create a happy mind in your horse that allows you to do the hard stuff later on.

8. Your seat should be straight for collected trot, a bit back for the passage and a tad forward and lighter for the piaffe.

9. If your horse gets strong, send him forward. Do a 10-meter circle and get him connected again.

10. To keep your hands steady and quiet, form a bridge with the reins by holding both of them in both hands.

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‘Ask Ali’ for dressage training tips and advice.