Ten top tips for winter riding

We all know riding in the winter months can be really testing at times. Here are my top tips to help get you through the bad weather.

Check out my ten top tips for winter riding:

1. Use an exercise sheet to help keep your horse warm during warm up and cool down in your schooling sessions.

2. If time is an issue due to dark nights try lunging. Its better than not working your horse at all.

3. You don’t have to clean every bit of your horse every time you ride, but it is essential that the areas where his tack goes is mud free.

4. Invest in a combo rug that covers as much of your horse as possible. not only will it keep him warm but it will also keep him clean!

5. Increase warm up time in colder weather to prevent injury.

6. Use a massage pad or give your horses back a massage with your hands or a grooming mitt before you ride to warm up the muscles.

7. Take a picture of you and your horse in the summer. it will remind you that there are fun times ahead and keep you motivated!

8. Layer up! so you can take layers off to ride, then put them back on as soon as you get off to prevent your body getting cold once you stop.

9. plan what days you are going to work your horse and try to stick to it. If you have a plan you are more likely to stick to it.remember you need to keep your horsesfitness up as much as possible ready for the spring.

10. Hire an indoor school every so often to get a really good schooling session in that will keep you motivated!