My Horses


Show name: Calico Jack
Stable name: CJ
Breeding: Friesian x Hannovarian
Level: Working Medium
Height: 17.2
Born: 2008

Personality: CJ is generally one cool dude. He doesn’t make a fuss or let things bother him and is a very laid back character, but can also be a very big wimp! He has quite an ability to grow to 22 hands and spook from one side of the arena to the other!!

CJ always tries hard and enjoys learning but is better with a variety of work. His week generally consists of hacking, jumping and pole work as well as schooling to keep him from getting bored.



Show name: Woodlander Sacramento
Stable name: Smartie
Breeding: Grandsire Sir Donnerhall, Dam sire Wolkentanz
Level: Backed 2016
Height: 16.2+
Born: 2012
Personality: My very lovely husband bought Smartie for me as a wedding present. Smartie is a very laid back chap who loves to learn. I’ve only ever had to tell him something once and he’s got it! I think he may have been a Grand Prix horse in a previous life!
He knows he’s beautiful and is quite partial to a diva strop from time to time if he’s not the centre of attention! If he wasn’t called smartie, I think I’d name him happy, because he’s alway got a smile on his face! I’ve got great hopes for him in the future!


Show name: Perreux

Stable name: Picco
Breeding: Grand Sire Pik Bube
Level: Intermediare ii
Height: 18hands
Born: 2005
Personality: Picco is very cheeky. He’s clever and works things out very quickly. Which sometimes takes you by surprise!
Picco is a big softy and more like a big dog. He even comes to a whistle!!
Picco was my first advanced horse and his party trick was a double.canter pirouette! He loved showing off in his younger years but is now in semi retirement and I will never sell him. He was the inspiration behind the name for the dancing horse. My horse of a lifetime.