Rider Solutions

Ali says: “When we train our horses we often give lots of attention to the horse itself. The horse however is only 50% of the equation.

“Riders are often the reason the training of the horse is not as straight forward as we would like.

“I often see riders who are not fit enough, not supple enough, not straight enough and not aware enough of their own bodies, to be able to give clear, concise and consistent aids to the horse. This is my main motivation behind The Dancing Horse Rider solutions.”



Ali is an Equipilates™  Affiliated instructor.

This means she has specific tools to help people correct their positions on and off the horse to become more effective in the saddle.

Ali works on rider Alignment, Breathing and Core muscles to help riders become more aware of the parts of their bodies they may need to switch on or off, and how to locate the muscles in which to help them do this.

So what does Equipilates™ work improve for the rider?

  • Stability in the saddle
  • confidence and a feeling of being more secure
  • The ability to react quicker, therefore improving timing and consistency of the aids
  • Rider Suppleness and shock absorption
  • A more elegant position
  • Better proprioception
  • Lighter, more effective aids
  • Fitter, more able riders
  • A better partnership with your horse

and happier horses!

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